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What Causes Painful Dentures?

There can be many causes for painful dentures, and therefore there isn’t just one solution to the problem.

New False Teeth

The first and most obvious reason for sore gums etc., is because you have new false teeth.

If you haven’t had false teeth before then the gums will not be used to having something hard resting against them. Pressure points may cause pain, especially when eating hard foods. This can lead to swelling of the gums, which in turn causes the dentures to press against the delicate gum tissue even more.

What Causes Painful Dentures?With time, you should get used to your new teeth and the dentures pain should disappear. If the pain doesn’t go, you can ask your dentist to check if the teeth need a minor adjustment made.

If you have had new dentures fitted, directly after have extractions, the rough edges of bone around the tooth socket can rub against the new teeth, causing pain. This problem may sort itself, but if it continues, the dentist may have to remove the rough edge as a last resort.

In the meantime, there are various products available to rub on the gums which may ease the soreness.

Badly Fitting Dentures

When false teeth don’t fit properly they will often rub against the gums. This often results in both pain and sore patches to appear on the affected area.

When false teeth first become slack it is possible to keep them in place with the help of a denture fixative. However, the usual cause for slack dentures is shrinking gums, and as the gums continue to shrink you will need to use increasing amounts of fixative.

So, although the first solution to denture pain due to slack teeth may be to try denture glue, the most common solution to this problem is to have the dentures relined or to get new false teeth.

Oral Infection

An oral infection can affect every area of the mouth, and dentures pain is often the end result. Ulcers can cause painful gums, as can oral thrush and stomatitis.

Where there is an oral infection, treatment will be required to eradicate it. The treatment will depend on the type of infection present.

There are other things that may cause denture pain. For instance, some medications can make the mouth extra sensitive, and this can lead to soft tissue becoming painful.

There is also a condition known as ‘sore mouth syndrome’, and although anyone can have this condition, the main sufferers are women going through hormonal changes such as the pregnancy or the menopause.

Whatever the cause of painful dentures, there is no need to suffer as there is generally a straightforward solution.

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