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What Are Temporary Dentures?

If you are waiting for your permanent dentures to be made you may be supplied with temporary dentures. These are made before you have your damaged teeth removed and will be placed in your mouth immediately after extraction.

It can take some time for the swollen gum tissue and bone to heal, after teeth have been removed. As your gums shrink you will need to return to your dentist to have your permanent dentures made and fitted.

What Are Temporary Dentures?Although a large part of having temporary false teeth made is for aesthetic reasons, there are practical reasons too. It isn’t always easy to eat when you have missing teeth, especially when there are multiple teeth extracted.

Also, when teeth are removed it has an effect on the way we speak, until we learn to adjust to the changed shape of the mouth. With the use of temporary false teeth, a person does not need to learn how to speak differently while they are waiting for their new dentures.

A temporary denture may be advised where many teeth are to be extracted. As each tooth is removed, another false tooth can be added. When all the necessary teeth are removed, and the gums have full healed, dental impressions can be taken and a new permanent set of false teeth can be made. These dentures should fit well, as the swollen gum tissue will have settled down after the multiple extractions.

Many people opt to get immediate dentures, where there is no time allowed for the gums to heal, and any slight adjustments are made over the course of time. However, sometimes this is not possible for a number of reasons, and in this case you either accept that there will be gaps in the teeth until your dentures are made, or you enquire about having temporary dentures fitted.

You may be having a dental bridge made, once all the decayed teeth are removed. A temporary set of teeth can be used until everything is ready for the permanent bridge to be fitted into place.

You might have had a set of removable partial dentures for many years. As time passes, other decaying teeth often need to be extracted.

Even if you already have a full set, dentures have a limited lifespan and can break.

There are times when all of your dental treatment can be done without the need for temporary solutions, but when there are delays of any kind, temporary dentures can be incredibly useful.

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