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Should You Remove Dentures At Night?

Most dentists will offer advice about looking after false teeth, and will usually advise removing dentures at night.

There have been many studies which have shown that leaving your false teeth in can allow bacteria to build up over night. The area beneath the dentures can become inflamed, as the bacteria continue to grow in the warm and moist environment.

Growth of the bacteria in the mouth can lead to many oral problems will cause a great deal of discomfort.

Should You Remove Dentures At Night?Problems such as oral thrush and mouth sores are often a problem with denture wearers. However, problems often seem to increase among people who do not remove dentures at night.

Another problem when you leave teeth in overnight may be dental stomatitis.

These problems don’t exist for those who have a fixed dental bridge, some types of denture implants, and crowns, as these false teeth don’t involve the use of a palate. All of these are designed to remain permanently, whereas the traditional palate is designed to remove.

Even with scrupulous cleaning and with the use of denture fixative for a close fit, debris can slip into the area beneath the false teeth. If this debris is not removed it will decay and result in oral problems.

Avoiding Denture Removal

People have different reasons for wanting to keep their teeth in at night. They may not want their partner to see them without teeth. They may not like the feeling they have when they remove them, or they may not like the fact they sound different when they talk without teeth.

If it really bothers you then you may look at alternatives, such as a fixed bridge.

If you are self conscious about taking your teeth out, and you insist on sleeping in dentures, then you could try to minimize the problem with a few simple measures.

You could remove your false teeth before you go to bed, thoroughly clean them and your mouth, and replace them. Although this will not be the same as leaving them out overnight, you will be removing the bacteria that would otherwise remain between your dentures and your gums/roof of mouth.

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