Get Same Day Dental Implants For A Same Day Smile

A fairly recent option which may be offered by your dentist is same day dental implants.

The dental implant can be a single false tooth, or a complete new set of teeth held in place via implanted metal posts. This is often described as a implant retained overdenture. Unlike the removable denture or a bridge, the implant is held in place permanently.

Traditional implant procedures take several appointments to complete treatment. However, you can now have your treatment completed within the same day.

Why Choose Same Day Dental Implants?

Same Day Dental ImplantsImmediate dentures and denture implants are attractive and functional. Some of the advantages of the same day dental implants are as follows:

  • No need for repeated appointments, so a reduction in travelling costs, time off work.
  • When teeth are extracted, if they are not replaced the gap between the teeth will cause the teeth to change their position in order to fill the gap. With same day dental implants this will not happen.
  • If the extracted tooth is not replaced then, in addition to the above, the jawbone will shrink making you look older. Again, with same day dental implants this will not happen.
  • Missing teeth can make a person look unattractive. With same day dental implants there is a tooth in place and you are not without teeth at any time.

Same day dental implants are also often known as immediate load dental implants, because they do not take that long from the time the teeth are extracted to the time the implant is installed.

Dental Implant Surgery

Whether the implants are traditional or same day dental implants they require surgery, as the metal device needed to attach the teeth to is attached to the jawbone.

The metal device with posts is fitted into the trench where the teeth were extracted. The posts will extend after the area has healed around the bone, and the new teeth (or tooth) is them attached to the post making the tooth permanent.

Ceramics used in permanent dentures are without any metal and they are biocompatible. When you have missing teeth your dentist will, without a doubt, recommend that you have a bridge.

Immediate dentures and denture implants are attractive and functional. The implant not only looks like the old tooth did, but it also functions in the same way by allowing you to chew normally.

Tooth implants cost varies anyway, and whether you want same day false teeth or denture implants, you will find each denture specialist will probably set their own charges.

Same day denture implants in a NYC clinic might be significantly different from Florida, because the cost of running a clinic in Florida might be much greater.

You might want to find the best prices for tooth implant cost before you begin treatment.

People have been known to travel great distances in order to cut down on the dental implant cost.

This is known as dental tourism, and if you are considering this then you need to calculate your travelling expenses to see the denture specialist abroad, as well as any other costs.

If you are in need of any tooth replacement solutions then the same day dental implants may be your answer. This is especially so if you do not want to walk around without teeth for several months while you wait for the completion of the traditional procedure for getting false teeth.