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Ill Fitting Dentures? Here’s An Alternative To Denture Glue

Ever since men and women have worn false teeth there has been a need to solve the problem of ill fitting dentures.

When you have slack false teeth you struggle to smile (in case they fall out) and you avoid many types of food, especially when eating in public.

If you have suffered from badly fitting dentures you have probably tried a variety of solutions.

If your false teeth are old you may need new ones, and you have many denture options available.

If the dentures are in fairly good condition, some people opt for denture relining, while some go for a temporary way of fixing the teeth in place.

Solutions for the problem include stick on denture pads and denture glue or adhesive.

There have been many different types of denture adhesives invented, and for lots of people this is the solution. However, many men and women do not like using the denture glue. Some say they can taste it, while others say it causes a strange sensation in the mouth.

Well, one alternative solution to this problem is becoming increasingly popular.

The UltraSuction™ Denture System works by letting suction keep the teeth in place.

The suction device is fitted into the dentures. The device, which has surgical stainless steel valves, can be fitted into new dentures when they are made, or into your existing dentures.

On the subject of exactly how UltraSuction™ works, it seems a relatively easy to understand process.

Once the denture is in place and tight, the gum rests against the suction chamber, expelling the air and forming a tight seal 

Users say that their teeth fit much better and are more comfortable, and most people don’t miss the old denture adhesive at all.

It is also said that because the false teeth fit more closely, you are able to speak much clearer because the teeth are not moving around the mouth. Ill fitting dentures often tend to move around as the mouth shape changes when pronouncing certain words.

When the denture system has been fitted your teeth should be held in place much better than before, and they don’t require difficult maintenance either. Denture care is almost the same as before.

You can use a soft brush, as you would normally to clean your dentures. Running warm water through the visible orifices in the suction chamber and remove any food debris on a daily basis 

Although you can get this denture system fitted by your dentist, it needs to come through a certified provider. Apparently, it can be shipped to a dentist in any country.

You should be able to find a dentist to fit the system fairly easily, and it is important that the system is properly installed.

If you are looking for a solution to ill fitting dentures then you do have many options. But if you feel like you have tried every option, with things like denture adhesive, sticky pads, and denture cushions, remember there may be another option that could be the answer to your problem.

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