How Much Do Dentures Cost

How Much Do Dentures Cost? Inexpensive Options Are Available

Check out a dental clinic and you’ll find denture implants, custom dentures, and immediate dentures offered among the services, but what most people want to know first is how much do dentures cost?

Dentistry has certainly come a long way since the first primitive false teeth were found.

How Much Do Dentures CostToday we have a variety of dentures, i.e. total upper and lower dentures, a partial denture, as well as designs such as; bonded, implanted, clasped, and permanent dentures.

The decision on what kind of dentures one will get often depends on how much the dentures cost. Where money is not an issue, the patient chooses the teeth they want regardless of the price.

for instance, the cost of partial dentures will be a great deal less if you choose removable plastic, compared to a fixed dental bridge, etc.

A number of schemes allow those who cannot afford new false teeth to get them at no cost, or at a reduced cost. Some schemes are open to everyone, while others are open to specific groups, such as veterans. Some dentists offer donated dental services, and this may include free dentures for senior citizens.

People lose their teeth for many reasons due to malnutrition, disease, tooth decay trauma, drug use and more.

Living with no teeth can cause depression, and if you’ve had false teeth but your dentures are broken, you’ll know how different it feels.

There are advantages to wearing dentures;

  • they enable the wearer to chew food thereby making digestion easier;
  • they have and aesthetic quality by making the mouth of the wearer look natural;
  • the wearer can speak more clearly than if they had no teeth at all;
  • and last but certainly not the least, they give the wearer back their self esteem.

There is an art to making a good set of dentures that are aesthetically pleasing. Some dentists will order false teeth made to look like the patient’s normal teeth. This is usually done with a photograph of the patients before they lost their teeth. This is perhaps the best way to acquire a natural looking set of dentures.

How well the false teeth look and feel often depends on how much the dentures cost.

However if you get new dentures on a same day dentures basis, or have same day dental implants, then the dental lab’ will probably be ‘on site’ and your dentist should have much more input into how the false teeth will look.

You can choose to have your denture made in the laboratory chosen by one of two kinds of dentists; a prosthodontist or a cosmetic dentist.

A prosthodontist is a dentist that specializes in the replacement of teeth and can replace natural teeth.

A cosmetic dentist is one that deals with the appearance of the teeth, and may use surgery to assist in that appearance.

How Much Do Dentures Cost Made By These Dentists?

The cost of dentures, although not always prohibitive, can be expensive and usually depends on where you live and what you need. In some cases there are payment plans to help with the cost.

If the work is done by a prosthodontist or other denture specialist, the cost could be anywhere from Five Hundred Dollars to Twenty Five Hundred Dollars for a full upper denture.

If the work is done by a cosmetic dentist the cost of an upper denture may be anywhere from Three Hundred Dollars to Twelve Hundred Dollars.

Very often health insurance policies will have a clause about dental surgery and replacement. It can happen in even the more expensive policies, not just low cost dental insurance.

Be sure to read your insurance policy to see if how much of the dental cost is covered.

There was a time when dentures were considered something that only the elderly would wear, and there was a stigma attached to false teeth being worn by a young person.

Today, there is no stigma attached to dentures. In fact, it is considered healthier and aesthetically more acceptable to wear a denture than to go without any teeth at all.

Younger people have enough to be insecure about, meeting new people, making new friends, going on dates, etc. They shouldn’t have to worry about wearing dentures and dating combined.

Celebrities, whether they are in the political spotlight or in the entertainment world frequently have cosmetic dentures in order to give themselves a more appealing public appearance.

Every day men and women get smile makeovers, using their life savings to change how they look.

When money is scarce, you can lower the cost of dentures by making your own teeth using a kit, or finding free dental treatment days in your area.

To have a healthier mouth is the main priority, and the cost of dentures influences this. However if money is an issue, you can find affordable false teeth one way or another.