How Can I Find Free Dentures?

How Can I Find Free Dentures?

Having no teeth can be very embarrassing, but many people simply can’t afford to have them replaced. However, due to a number of organizations providing free dentures, many low income households are having something to smile about.

If you have to survive on a low income you probably don’t have dental insurance or savings, and the only way to get treatment is to find rely on free or low cost dental services.

People notice when you have no teeth; it changes the way you look, the way you talk, and you will avoid smiling too.

How Can I Find Free Dentures?Thankfully, several charities have moved from just offering free medical care to offering free dental treatment for the needy, sometimes including free dentures. Also, other providers of dental healthcare such as private clinics are helping out.

Where Can You Get Free Dentures?

  • Charities
  • Trainee Dentists
  • Dental Clinics

Charities Who Provide Free Or Low Cost Dentures

There are a number of charities, and it depends on the country you live in which charities operate. For instance two of the leading charities in the USA are Missions Of Mercy and Remote Area Medical. Another popular name is Dentistry From The Heart.

Some charities provide treatment for veterans who aren’t eligible for free dental treatment elsewhere. Others provide treatment for anyone who doesn’t have dental insurance, regardless of their age or employment status.

They move around from State to State, setting up one or two day events. These events will generally offer a range of dental treatments including extractions, fillings, denture repairs, and new false teeth.

They are generally run on a first come first served basis, so you may need to prepare for a long wait.

The number of clinics who have a free dental treatment day is growing, although demand is so high that many are unable to offer free dentures. It is always best to confirm whether free false teeth will be available before you spend a substantial amount of time waiting in line. Even those who offer dentures may only provide partials, where front teeth are missing.

Other countries might provide similar services from different charitable organizations.

Trainee Dentists

When you are training to be a dentist, the more practical experience you can get the better. So, dental hospitals often provide free services to patients, in exchange for letting the trainee dentist gain experience by treating you.

Other times free extractions and very low cost false teeth are offered.

Dental Clinics

A growing number of dental clinics are now offering payment plans for patients to cover the cost of their dentures and other treatments.

Also, many dental experts are seeing the benefit in offering their services as a volunteer dentist.

They might volunteer their services at a charitable event, or they may simply operate a free dental day at their own clinic.

The recession has hit neighborhoods throughout the world, and for many people daily life is a struggle. Free and low cost dental care takes away a burden that low income families have to carry.

If you do not qualify for free false teeth you do have another choice; you could make your own! There are a number of DIY denture kits available to repair your existing teeth or make new dentures at home.

How To Find Free Or Low Cost Dentures

  1. Check online for charities offering free dental services and confirm that they include false teeth
  2. Look out for advertising from local dentists offering free dental days
  3. Enquire at local hospital dental departments about free treatment by trainee dentists
  4. Check out denture kits for making your own teeth

If all else fails, ask your dentist if they have a low installment payments plan so that you can spread the cost.

There may be information on things available in your area available from the Department of Health and Human Services. They may be able to tell you of dentists in your area, who can provide the services you need.