Does Your Dentist Phobia Cause You Dental Anxiety

Does Your Dentist Phobia Cause You Dental Anxiety?

If you’ve always avoided the dentist, it may be that you suffer from a dental phobia.

Neglecting your teeth by avoiding the dentist has probably contributed to your need to get dentures.

However, you may still have some of your natural teeth left, so beating your dental anxiety could help you keep them.

Also, even if all of your own teeth are gone, you will still need to visit a dentist from time to time.

Does Your Dentist Phobia Cause You Dental AnxietyYour dental expert can spot early warning signs of oral cancer, replace removable dentures with denture implants, reline your dentures to make them fit better, or provide you with the latest false teeth as designs continue to improve.

What Causes Dental Anxiety?

There are many reasons why people develop a fear of the dentists.

You may have had a bad experience in the past, which you have found impossible to forget.

You may become frightened after hearing stories of other people’s experiences.

Your parents might have instilled the fear in you when you were a child. This can happen simply by you hearing a parent discussing a bad experience at the dentist.

How To Beat Dental Phobia

There are various methods to conquer a fear of the dentist, but our three top tips are:

  • Have Dental Sedation
  • Use Relaxation Techniques
  • Try Hypnotherapy

Dental Sedation

There are many dental clinics that specialize in sedation dentistry, but most dental experts offer some forms.

Although nitrous oxide (laughing gas) has been used for many years for sedation, sometimes it’s the prospect of putting on the mask that terrifies people. Other times, it’s the memory of smell of the gas that fills you with dread.

However, a small intravenous injection which can totally relax you is just one of the choices you now have.

Relaxation Techniques During Dental Treatment

You can easily listen to your favorite relaxing music during your dental treatment. Sometimes this is enough to get you through a visit to your dental clinic, but other times you may want to seek professional help with your phobia of the dentists.

You can try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT allows you to examine what you actually fear, why you fear, and how you can deal with your fears. You will visit a therapist in order to talk through these and other matters which contribute to your phobia.

Hypnotherapy Before Visiting A Dentist

Many men and women find that a few sessions of hypnotherapy can dramatically reduce their fear of visiting a dentist.

Through various methods the hypnotherapist allows you to deal with stressful situations in a totally different way.

What Else Might Ease Dental Fears?

When you need new dentures you may dread the dental impressions, and so avoid going for treatment.

When you got your last false teeth your dental practitioner probably put a mould containing a large amount of gooey material into your mouth. You may have felt that you couldn’t swallow or couldn’t breathe properly.

However, there are now alternatives to the traditional waxy substance which most people hate. Computer-aided design technology allows the dentist to use digital images to make the teeth impressions.

Fear of the pain of dental needles may also be an issue. However, there is now a procedure which is said to minimize or even eradicate that pain.

A specialized tool is used to send a vibration to the gum area whilst you are being injected. You feel the sensation of the vibration, but not the dentist’s injection.

Finally, having to have dentures fitted used to always involve having multiple appointments. However, if you opt for getting dentures in a day you will be able to forget weeks of dental appointment and instead get your false teeth the same day.

Breaking a pattern of anxiety can allow you to get the treatment you need, and by beating your phobia of the dentist you can take care for your oral health, teeth, and dentures.