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Do You Need Dentures? Can You Trust Your Dentist?

When patients visited their local dentist, they were told that they needed to have their teeth removed and replaced with false teeth. However, since then allegations were made that many patients had perfect teeth, and didn’t need dentures at all. Many patients who were given ill fitting dentures were told that if they required problems […]

How Can Wearing Dentures Change How You Behave?

A new survey has revealed that denture wearers behave differently than those people who do not wear dentures, in many cases. Wearing false teeth causes more worries when it comes to dating. They think their date might be put off by dentures. Denture wearers appear to avoid certain activities, events, and food. Perhaps part of […]

Mission Of Mercy Provides Free Teeth To People In Need

For thousands of homeless or low income families, getting new dentures is an impossible dream. However, thanks to the Mission of Mercy events many people will have their dream come true, by getting free false teeth. With a host of volunteers stepping forward to help the events, many treatments including dental extractions and getting free […]

Free Denture Services At Wise Remote Area Medical Event

Remote Area Medical, which was set up by Stan Brock in 1985, will be offering their services to Wise, Virginia between the 18th and 20th July. RAM provides a range of free denture services along with other health services for those on low income etc. Prior appointments are already arranged for men and women who […]

Dental Health Worries In Care Homes

At one time some years ago, most OAPs going into a care home already had dentures. These days many pensioners still have their own teeth when they enter the care home, but they then don’t seem to keep them for long afterwards. The sweet food, high-in-sugar medicines and other circumstances result in their teeth deteriorating […]

Ill Fitting Dentures? Here’s An Alternative To Denture Glue

Ever since men and women have worn false teeth there has been a need to solve the problem of ill fitting dentures. When you have slack false teeth you struggle to smile (in case they fall out) and you avoid many types of food, especially when eating in public. If you have suffered from badly […]

Dentures In A Day – You Can Enjoy Same Day Dentures Now

There was a time when you had hang on for weeks till your new dentures were ready. However, with today’s advances denture clinics can now also offer you one day dentures. You may be looking for replacement teeth, because yours have broken and can’t be repaired. You may want a complete set of false teeth, […]

Duplicate Dentures One Shade Lighter

As any denture-wearer knows, dentures can become discolored just like real teeth, but the largest denture repair company in the USA, Denture Repair Lab, now offers a great new service where you can order a duplicate set of dentures and have them colored one shade lighter. Having a duplicate set of dentures is a great […]

Cushion Grip Denture Adhesive: Why This Denture Glue Is A Best Seller

If you wear full dentures you may need some denture adhesive to keep them in place. Denture adhesives are not expensive and are ideal for all kinds of dentures. Cushion Grip denture adhesive is one of the best selling denture adhesives, and can hold your dentures in place for up to an amazing four days. […]

Dental Help: Avoid Dental Problems With A Regular Denture Check

You might think that once you get dentures that you don’t need to visit the dentists for dental help, unless of course you have a problem such as your dentures breaking. However, regular dental checkups are not just about checking to see if you need a filling here or there; checkups are about good dental […]