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Do You Need Dentures? Can You Trust Your Dentist?

When patients visited their local dentist, they were told that they needed to have their teeth removed and replaced with false teeth.

However, since then allegations were made that many patients had perfect teeth, and didn’t need dentures at all.

Many patients who were given ill fitting dentures were told that if they required problems to be fixed they would have to foot the bill themselves, as Medicaid wouldn’t cover it.

Other allegations were that unqualified people took dental impressions, and sutured gums after teeth were pulled.

There has been a large increase in people making dentures themselves, and stories like this will surely make the numbers rise further.

Most people put their faith in the dental expert, and trust that any treatment is in their best interest.

If a dentist advised that permanent dentures were the best option for you, you wouldn’t like to think they were ripping you off or giving you bad advice.

It’s bad enough that people avoid the dentist because they have a dental phobia, but when they pluck up the courage to go they don’t expect to be given unnecessary dental treatment.

The truth is that most dental clinics are run with the utmost integrity. They care about their patients and want to do what’s best for them.

If you need to find a new dentist, it’s better to go on personal recommendation or check out any bad publicity they’ve had.


How Can Wearing Dentures Change How You Behave?

A new survey has revealed that denture wearers behave differently than those people who do not wear dentures, in many cases.

Wearing false teeth causes more worries when it comes to dating. They think their date might be put off by dentures.

Denture wearers appear to avoid certain activities, events, and food.

Perhaps part of the problem might be ill fitting dentures, and the fear that the false teeth may fall out causing embarrassment.

Another problem seems to be the irritation and embarrassment caused when food gets trapped under the dentures whilst eating.

If you have just had false teeth fitted you are possibly self conscious, feeling that everyone knows you are wearing dentures.

The survey, performed on behalf of Fixodent, also revealed a lack of knowledge concerning the variety of denture fixatives available to hold the false teeth in place.

With Fixodent, you can eat, drink, laugh, and go about your day knowing that your dentures will stay in place, says Fixodent Brand Manager Matthew Martin (source).

If you recognize yourself behaving like this, then perhaps you need to try out a denture fixative. If you have had your teeth for a number of years then perhaps they just don’t fit properly any more.

Gaps in dentures allow for food to lodge itself inside the space. This can lead to both a sore mouth and halitosis or bad breath.

In the case of badly fitting dentures, there a number of false teeth options. You could perhaps have your dentures relined, or get new dentures.

Many people put up with dentures that don’t fit properly due to finances, but you can find low cost dentures if you shop around.

There is always a solution for slack dentures, and you shouldn’t let wearing false teeth affect your life in a negative way.

Another option would be to replace your loose false teeth with a fixed denture bridge or dental implants. Many people who threw their dentures away because they didn’t like wearing them, found the option of implanted dentures transformed their life.

Mission Of Mercy Provides Free Teeth To People In Need

For thousands of homeless or low income families, getting new dentures is an impossible dream. However, thanks to the Mission of Mercy events many people will have their dream come true, by getting free false teeth.

With a host of volunteers stepping forward to help the events, many treatments including dental extractions and getting free partial dentures are carried out over a couple of days.

Patients cried when they saw their reflections with partial dentures replacing the holes in their mouths.

Donations of both time and money result in vital services being offered to those who would never receive it otherwise.

It’s not just kind hearted citizens who give up their free time to help, but lab technicians, dental hygienists, dental experts, and even translators. Local businesses provide free accommodation to host the events, whilst other businesses offer free supplies.

Decaying teeth cause a host of problems, including gum disease, gingivitis and bad breath, not to mention bad toothache.

Everyone knows the pain of tooth decay, and if you have no dental insurance and need extractions and/or false teeth, may be you could one day benefit from one of these free dental events.

Because the events usually last only two days they are generally held on a ‘first come first served basis’. However, if you qualify for treatment you could leave the event with new dentures the same day.

On July 11th and 12th, there will be a Mission of Mercy event held in Salem. It will take place at the Chemeketa Community College.

Free Denture Services At Wise Remote Area Medical Event

Remote Area Medical, which was set up by Stan Brock in 1985, will be offering their services to Wise, Virginia between the 18th and 20th July.

RAM provides a range of free denture services along with other health services for those on low income etc.

Prior appointments are already arranged for men and women who need new dentures for free.

However, people can wait in line to have a range of other dental treatments including extractions, repairs to false teeth or having dentures adjusted or relined for free.

Many Virginia residents have already used the services of Remote Area Medical in the past, but as the number of households without medical or dental insurance increases, so the numbers of people seeking free dental treatment grows.

Many are turning to homemade denture repairs and even making false teeth at home because they just haven’t the funds to pay for essential dental treatment.

Over recent months hundreds of adults have been laid off work in the Virginia area, so there is expected to be a big turnout for the free treatment sessions.

There will be fast tracking of certain cases to cut down on waiting times.

You can find more detailed information here:

Remote Area Medical

Telephone: 865.579.1530


The free denture and dental services event will be held at:

10101 Fairgrounds Road

Wise, VA 24293

Dental Health Worries In Care Homes

At one time some years ago, most OAPs going into a care home already had dentures.

These days many pensioners still have their own teeth when they enter the care home, but they then don’t seem to keep them for long afterwards.

The sweet food, high-in-sugar medicines and other circumstances result in their teeth deteriorating quickly meaning they require traditional dentures or the now more popular permanent false teeth.

A recent report suggested that a great number of care home residents in Scotland do not receive regular dental care.

A change in care home procedures and more training for staff in caring for their residents’ teeth could go a long way to improving all of this.

Some things that could help change things for the better include:

  • ensuring that care homes register all residents with a dentist
  • encourage dentists to carry out treatments in care homes


Ill Fitting Dentures? Here’s An Alternative To Denture Glue

Ever since men and women have worn false teeth there has been a need to solve the problem of ill fitting dentures.

When you have slack false teeth you struggle to smile (in case they fall out) and you avoid many types of food, especially when eating in public.

If you have suffered from badly fitting dentures you have probably tried a variety of solutions.

If your false teeth are old you may need new ones, and you have many denture options available.

If the dentures are in fairly good condition, some people opt for denture relining, while some go for a temporary way of fixing the teeth in place.

Solutions for the problem include stick on denture pads and denture glue or adhesive.

There have been many different types of denture adhesives invented, and for lots of people this is the solution. However, many men and women do not like using the denture glue. Some say they can taste it, while others say it causes a strange sensation in the mouth.

Well, one alternative solution to this problem is becoming increasingly popular.

The UltraSuction™ Denture System works by letting suction keep the teeth in place.

The suction device is fitted into the dentures. The device, which has surgical stainless steel valves, can be fitted into new dentures when they are made, or into your existing dentures.

On the subject of exactly how UltraSuction™ works, it seems a relatively easy to understand process.

Once the denture is in place and tight, the gum rests against the suction chamber, expelling the air and forming a tight seal 

Users say that their teeth fit much better and are more comfortable, and most people don’t miss the old denture adhesive at all.

It is also said that because the false teeth fit more closely, you are able to speak much clearer because the teeth are not moving around the mouth. Ill fitting dentures often tend to move around as the mouth shape changes when pronouncing certain words.

When the denture system has been fitted your teeth should be held in place much better than before, and they don’t require difficult maintenance either. Denture care is almost the same as before.

You can use a soft brush, as you would normally to clean your dentures. Running warm water through the visible orifices in the suction chamber and remove any food debris on a daily basis 

Although you can get this denture system fitted by your dentist, it needs to come through a certified provider. Apparently, it can be shipped to a dentist in any country.

You should be able to find a dentist to fit the system fairly easily, and it is important that the system is properly installed.

If you are looking for a solution to ill fitting dentures then you do have many options. But if you feel like you have tried every option, with things like denture adhesive, sticky pads, and denture cushions, remember there may be another option that could be the answer to your problem.

Dentures In A Day – You Can Enjoy Same Day Dentures Now

There was a time when you had hang on for weeks till your new dentures were ready. However, with today’s advances denture clinics can now also offer you one day dentures.

You may be looking for replacement teeth, because yours have broken and can’t be repaired. You may want a complete set of false teeth, partial dentures for the back or front, or denture implants.

Getting same day dentures makes life so much easier for the patient.  A dentist or denture clinic can fit you with custom dentures, and with new dentures a new smile will follow.

Everyone wants affordable dentures, and even those with dental insurance may have to pay a contribution towards the cost. Most of all, everyone would love to have cheap dentures that look great.

A denture specialist will be able to advise on the cost of dentures, immediate denture cost, and other dental services.

Another way to get dentures in one day is by getting dentures abroad. Dental tourism is very popular and can save you a small fortune on dental bills.

In countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and more, the time for getting false teeth has been reduced to as little as 60 minutes. Why not inquire about getting dentures in an hour, ask questions regarding the process, and then decide which dental service is right for you.

The benefits provided by dentures in a day aren’t just measured financially, but emotionally and aesthetically as the ultimate reward is a smiling face and a cheerful grin.

Duplicate Dentures One Shade Lighter

As any denture-wearer knows, dentures can become discolored just like real teeth, but the largest denture repair company in the USA, Denture Repair Lab, now offers a great new service where you can order a duplicate set of dentures and have them colored one shade lighter.

Having a duplicate set of dentures is a great idea, as it saves having to do without your false teeth should any repairs need to be carried out.

The Denture Repair Lab company is synonymous with high quality and low cost denture repairs, and their duplicate dentures service guarantees that your new dentures will be as comfortable, if not more, than your original dentures. They use the best quality denture acrylic available. And don’t forget that you can have your new set of duplicate dentures one shade lighter.

It’s not surprising that customers are taken to wearing their duplicate dentures more than their original dentures!

The whole process is remarkably simple and no visit to a dentist is necessary. Just pop into your nearest lab, and they will have your repaired denture overnighted back to you for free, with your new duplicate dentures sent via free priority mail should you choose to order a set of them.

Having a new set of duplicate dentures gives you a whiter, brighter smile, and it also gives you more confidence in social situations.

The Denture Repair Lab has been providing affordable same day dental services since 1998, and they specialize in crown and bridge, ceramic, removable full and partial dentures, implant, and full-cast restorations.

Customers often look forward to getting a new set of dentures, and allowing them to lighten and brighten their smile at the same time is a great bonus option. Our patients report that they also love that no dentist visit is required to place an order with us!

We’ve tried to make fixing dentures and ordering duplicate dentures as quick and easy as possible. We know our customers cannot be without a denture for long at all, and we ensure we get their original sent back to them, same day! source

Cushion Grip Denture Adhesive: Why This Denture Glue Is A Best Seller

If you wear full dentures you may need some denture adhesive to keep them in place. Denture adhesives are not expensive and are ideal for all kinds of dentures.

Cushion Grip denture adhesive is one of the best selling denture adhesives, and can hold your dentures in place for up to an amazing four days.

This does not mean you leave your dentures in your mouth for 4 days, they still need to be removed and soaked overnight. It just means that this adhesive does not need to be reapplied for four days.

Cushion Grip denture adhesive is safe on both plastic and porcelain plates; it can be used on both upper and lower dentures

It puts a barrier around your dentures, which prevents any food particles from getting in.

Ill fitted dentures can cause many problems in our mouth, sore gums, infections and more. Denture adhesives help to avoid these problems.

When you wear dentures your gums shrink and what were once perfectly fitting false teeth will eventually become loose.

Loose false teeth are more likely to be subject to pressure, causing damage. You then need to have your teeth repaired or fix your damaged dentures yourself.

The same care needs to be taken of dentures as ordinary teeth, they need to be brushed and cleaned regularly using a special denture paste as ordinary toothpaste can be abrasive and damage dentures. Good denture care includes using a decent denture adhesive.

With Cushion Grip you can eat and drink as if you still have your natural teeth, without worrying about loose dentures spoiling your day.

Whether you need upper dentures, lower dentures or both, Cushion Grip denture adhesive a good choice.

Dental Help: Avoid Dental Problems With A Regular Denture Check

You might think that once you get dentures that you don’t need to visit the dentists for dental help, unless of course you have a problem such as your dentures breaking.

However, regular dental checkups are not just about checking to see if you need a filling here or there; checkups are about good dental advice, looking for oral problems, and getting proper denture care too.

Denture care is about seeing that your dentures still fit your mouth properly, because ill fitting dentures can lead to mouth sores, ulcers, etc.

Even if you have permanent dentures fitted, you still need to have them checked from time to time.

Many health problems include oral symptoms, and the color or texture of your tongue surface can change due to certain health issues.

One major thing that can be diagnosed at a dental check up is the early warning signs of oral cancer. With well over six hundred thousand new cases being diagnosed around the world each year, it is essential that the disease is diagnosed as early as possible.

Although many symptoms might point to some other much less serious disease, it pays to take symptoms seriously and get them checked out.

Some of the symptoms that are categorized as early warning signs of oral cancer are listed below.

  • Problems with swallowing your food or you feel like something is stuck in your throat.
  • Your mouth or your tongue feels numb.
  • You constantly have a hoarse voice.
  • You have one or more lump or thickening patch within the mouth.

Should you experience any symptoms that last for a while, or if you have a sore than doesn’t seem to be healing then it’s well worth getting it checked by a professional. A doctor or a dentist will be should be familiar with the signs and know what to look for.

As part of your denture care, your dentist will look out for the early warning signs when you have a checkup.

A spokesperson for the Academy of General Dentistry spoke on this subject.

Your dentist will feel for lumps or irregular tissue changes in your neck, head, cheeks, and oral cavity and thoroughly examine the soft tissues in your mouth, specifically looking for any sores or discolored tissues.

So, denture care is very important and dental services include the checking of oral health and much more.

You may have lost your natural teeth years ago, and have begun to feel a soreness in the gums. Assuming that this is due to your false teeth not fitting properly you might then decide to invest in the latest soft dentures. A visit to the dentist will soon determine the cause of the soreness and get you your new teeth too.

A routine visit for adjusting your new dentures could also reveal early signs of trouble.

Experts say that you can avoid many dental problems by having a dental checkup every six months, and if you have lost your natural teeth make sure you have a denture checkup.