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Denture Care And Diabetes

It’s a well known fact that when you have diabetes you may also have other health related issues. According to some experts, diabetes sufferers often have increased incidences of: Tooth Decay Dry Mouth Gum Disease Having a good oral hygiene program is always important, but it’s even more important to take care of your teeth, […]

Dentures For Free At Dental Treatment Event

Many free dental services are provided at Missions Of Mercy events, and which treatments are offered depends on many factors. While some events may not have the facilities to offer false teeth, the Wise MOM event will provide free dentures, but for pre screened people only. The event will take place at the Wise County […]

Helping People Get Free False Teeth

There are many charities and other dental organizations that are helping people get free false teeth. However, many people may not know that a newspaper also gives people a chance to get help. By printing a story which highlights the personal circumstances of a person in need of free dental care, donations can be made. […]

Free Partial Dentures Being Offered

When adults have no dental insurance but need new false teeth, they may not have the funds to buy them. Even cheap dentures can be too costly to afford. False teeth don’t last forever, and if your dental insurance lapsed when you retired, there could come a time when you need new dentures but can’t […]

Woman Gets Free Dentures

When Margaret Lanouette lost her false teeth in the toilet, she was told that she must wait until 2016 before she could receive replacement dentures. However, a dentist from Ottawa offered to provide 64 year old Margaret with new dentures. Dr. Patrick Roy kindly fitted both upper and lower false teeth, and now Margaret can […]

Why Do Dental Problems Increase With Age?

As people get older they expect their body to change, but there are also changes to the mouth, teeth and gums. The mouth may become more sensitive, and this can lead to problems with pain from dentures. As people get older and frailer, or if they experience a sudden weight loss, the gums also shrink […]

New False Teeth In Only A Few Hours

It’s embarrassing being seen without any teeth, but getting your new dentures in a few hours is now possible. A.M. The dentist will take Xrays and dental impressions. Leave the dental center and go about your day. P.M. Your teeth will be extracted by the dentist and your new false teeth will be ready to […]

Partial Dentures Not Covered By Denti-Cal

If you are on a low income you have to make hard decisions when it comes to dental treatment. For instance, let’s say you get your health coverage through the state health program for Californians on a low income, i.e. Medi-Cal. The dental coverage with Medi-Cal is Denti-Cal. When Denti-Cal was stopped for adults, then […]

Generous Donations Cover Teenage Cancer Survivor’s Dentures

Alex Hunter, of Delano California, has had to fight many battles in his war against cancer. Treatments, including radiation have taken their toll, and Alex’s teeth had to be removed. Although his family does have insurance cover, it didn’t cover the cost of new dentures for the brave sixteen year old young man. Thanks to […]

Diamond Encrusted 24 Carat False Teeth

If you are wondering how much do the best dentures cost, you are not alone. Every day people have to work out whether they can afford new false teeth or not, but a dentist in Dubai has taken things to a whole new level. Rather than the budget clip on teeth that you can buy […]