Are Metal Dentures More Expensive Than Acrylic False Teeth?

Are Metal Dentures More Expensive Than Acrylic False Teeth?

When you need new teeth you may be given a choice of acrylic or metal, but are metal dentures more expensive than acrylic false teeth?

There are several reasons that affect the cost of dentures.In some instances, the price is dictated more by the quality of the false teeth and how natural they look.

The main ones in this case are:

  • The materials used to make them
  • The complexity of constructing them

Are Metal Dentures More Expensive Than Acrylic False Teeth?What Are Metal Dentures?

Metal dentures are made using various materials, and are most often attached to existing teeth via clasps.

Although there is sometimes a solid metal palate, the teeth usually consist of a thin metal framework with a large hollow section in the middle.

Upper Dentures

Upper acrylic dentures are thicker than metal, and are slightly more cumbersome. You will feel the plastic surface against your tongue, whereas the metal framework usually leaves the roof of your mouth free. Obviously, this construction is more time consuming to create.

If a comfortable fit is to be achieved, then the metal frame must not dig into the surface of the gums or the roof of the mouth.

Because of the hollow section, eating and drinking is more natural than with a solid plastic palate.

It is said that plastic dentures are more likely to develop cracks or break over time, whereas the metal false teeth are more robust and less prone to damage.

The cost of partial upper (Maxillary) metal dentures can range from around $700 upwards, compared to around $450 upwards for basic partial acrylic false teeth.

If you opt for flexible soft dentures, then a partial denture could set you back far more than either acrylic or metal.

Lower Dentures

With lower dentures, the thin metal strip is barely felt, whereas with the acrylic option you feel it more, often making it harder to get used to your dentures.

Metal framed teeth are said to provide a more secure fit, reducing the need for denture fixative to hold the teeth in place.

Allergy To Metal Dentures

There is always a possibility that a person might suffer from a metal allergy. This might become apparent when metal jewelry is worn.

Similar allergies have been documented regarding dental crowns and bridges, fillings, and teeth braces.

When a person is prone to allergies, especially metal, it is possible that they might be allergic to metal dentures.

If you are contemplating metal false teeth and have such an allergy, it would be wise to discuss the matter with your dentist.

Some dental plans do not cover the cost of partial dentures at all, whilst others will only cover the cost of plastic false teeth and not metal.

If you have no dental insurance, then you might need to consider ways of cutting the cost of your new teeth.

You can get estimates or travel elsewhere to buy your dentures, and this could save you money.

In most cases, metal dentures are more expensive than acrylic false teeth, but many people think it’s worth the extra cost.